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Nibiru — Remembering The Future

Waking up is the most difficult thing to remember. Your first memories are of shivering blackness, uncontrollable convulsing in the void until your thoughts became coherent enough to realize … this is physical. The shivering continued in waves as your eyes slowly opened and acclimated to a different kind of flickering darkness. You were naked, huddled, alone, lying on a field of red fungi, the noise of a rhythmic machine humming in the distance. Around you, hulking steel beams and plates converged in a cavernous, triangular tunnel, dimly lit by a slowly pulsating light. The expanse of the tunnel was enormous. The corners of the triangular skeleton met in darkness. You would soon learn, however, that this massive structure is little more than an insignificant hallway within a superstructure that is much larger and far more enigmatic than your re-awakening mind could begin to fathom.