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It is far better to hold a thing in your hands, turn the pages, feel the craftsmanship than to experience the same thing pixelated on a screen. Such a perspective might be old fashioned, but it’s a perspective that has held true for a number of media whose deaths by digital have been greatly exaggerated: vinyl records, magazines, books, comic books and the magical tomes of the RPG industry.

RPG Buyer is a website about those magical tomes and their accessories – the outstanding, the unusual, the beautiful and the useful.

These days, some 200 companies actively produce role playing core books, supplements, settings, campaigns, adventures, modules, dice, minis, maps and other physical products that you can hold in your hands and waft in front of your face — if only to breath in the intoxicating smell of paper. Digital product certainly has its place, but here there be monsters on maps of cloth and parchment.